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Itameshi Cuisine. Japanese Design. Music Lounge.
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Bali Island
Welcome to Satoshi Restaurant, a gastronomy haven that encapsulates the essence of Asia. Drawing inspiration from Japan, Satoshi Restaurant pays homage to the Japanese style, where simplicity reigns supreme, and every element speaks volumes through its concise shapes and colors. Within our walls, you will find an interior that harmoniously blends modern Japanese minimalism with the finest architectural solutions.

As you step into Satoshi Restaurant, you are immediately greeted by an atmosphere that emanates tranquility and elegance. The spaces are thoughtfully designed, evoking a sense of serenity and allowing guests to immerse themselves in the dining experience. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces are the foundation of our aesthetic, creating a space where distractions fade away, and focus is directed towards the culinary journey that awaits.
Introducing Igor Grishechkin, brand chef. With an impressive culinary career, Igor has received numerous accolades, including being nominated as one of The World's 120 Best Restaurants and being a TOP 100 candidate for The Best Chefs Awards in 2021. His expertise has led him to participate and headline in some of the biggest gastronomic festivals around the world, gaining recognition from prestigious publications like Forbes.

ITAMESHI | Asian reading of Italian cuisine. Now, Igor Grishechkin is embarking on a new culinary adventure at the newly opened Satoshi Restaurant. This time, he is faced with the challenge of presenting his unique vision of a comfortable and modern cuisine with an Asian touch. With his innovative approach, he aims to introduce Itameshi Cuisine to the food-loving crowd in Bali, blending the flavors and techniques of Italian and Japanese gastronomy.Igor's mastery in the kitchen allows him to combine elements from both cuisines seamlessly, creating a new and exciting gastronomic direction. By infusing Italian cuisine with a Japanese touch, he brings a fresh and contemporary twist to the traditional flavors and dishes. Itameshi Cuisine offers a harmonious blend of rich Italian flavors and the precision and elegance of Japanese culinary techniques.
Built using 4 tons of original limestone from Java, the library exudes a unique charm. The intricately designed booths and the ceiling-high vinyl shelves that proudly display private collections of renowned DJs and vinyl enthusiasts.

To provide an unparalleled audio experience, the library employs a cutting-edge sound system called K-Array. Hailing from Italy, this modern brand continues to astonish sound aficionados worldwide with its elegant design and powerful, transparent surround sound. Every note, every beat, and every melody is faithfully reproduced, allowing visitors to immerse themselves fully in the music.

But the library is not just a celebration of sound; it also pays homage to the artists who have shaped and contributed to the development of the music industry. Their influence can be felt within the library's walls, inspiring and captivating all who enter.

If your travels bring you to Bali, consider becoming a part of the Satoshi Music Library. Immerse yourself in the rich history of music, explore the extensive vinyl collections, and lose yourself in the awe-inspiring soundscapes that await.
Music Library
Release №1
Recently, sound designer and music collector, DJ Arshanitsa, curated the first music compilation from SATOSHI Restaurant x Music Library. This compilation features four mesmerizing tracks from renowned downtempo music genre artists Betelgeize & Nomusicians, Dr. Parnasus, Silas Hoppe, and Ossadi. Let's delve into the world of SATOSHI Restaurant and explore the enchanting atmosphere it creates.
Within the Satoshi Restaurant, a captivating wine cabinet awaits, housing a remarkable collection of wines. This carefully curated selection encompasses both contemporary brands that embrace the latest trends in winemaking and timeless classics that have stood the test of time.